Friday, December 19, 2008

Inside the M Cube

As I think I mentioned before, Inhabitat has been working toward posting more video content. Over the summer, we visited Mark Baez's M Cube in Venice.  It's essentially a giant fiberglass and steel cube that houses six apartments.  Completely prefabricated, the Cube can be built for a relatively affordable price per square foot.  Designed by using traditional Tatami and imperial units of measurement, the interiors stark but completely livable.  The project has received some negative attention from the local community and irate neighbors (related to its height and the photovoltaics that may one day be installed), but rather than focus on the negative, we went there to look at the design - which is all in all, positively cool.  There's constant light and constant breeze, at least from what I saw when I was there.  I probably couldn't survive with the size of the closets (where would I hide my Imelda-like collection of flip flops?) or the lack of walls (where would I stick all my badass decals?), but I can totally see the Cube design working as a commercial space or a college housing.

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