Thursday, December 18, 2008

Design for the Snarky

It's that time of year that trees and postal workers fear and dread - the season of holiday cards and obligatory gifts.  Normally, it's kind of stressful.  But this year, I rediscovered snarky and am having fun with the whole gifting ordeal.  Check out Knock Knock Stuff's snarky paper goods.  Ok, so they happen to be a client.  But this is not shameless promotion, simply a friendly tip to anyone looking for cheap, funny gifts that you can order online.  The desk top stuff makes the perfect gift for co-workers, moms, annoying people, other people's kids who you don't really know, pretty much anyone you might know.  My personal favorites (and soon-to-be office purchases) are the poopy clips, funny folders, and the uber-useful "Pardon My French" stickies.  

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