Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to Huis!

My mother, the globe traveling recent retiree, is finally settling into retirement and has started up her own little Etsy shop called Huis, which means "house" in her native Dutch. Basically, she's always loved to sew, knit, crochet and embroider, etc. and now that she has extra time on her hands, she's taken to experimenting and selling the good stuff on Etsy.

I snagged the prototype of the Owly Baby Blanket for Cael and can attest to high level of adorability and softness. And if you're not in to baby things, there are lots of other things to choose from, including pillows, throws, and assorted table textiles. She's just getting started so check back often to see new listings.

In addition to what you see on Etsy, she also embroiders "birth certificates" if any new parents out there are into that (framed embroidered birth record - baby name, weight, city of birth, and a custom motif).

To help launch the new store, Huis is offering a special giveaway. The first person to buy anything receives a complimentary set of Blue Vine place mats and napkins for two. Comments and feedback are welcome!