Monday, December 1, 2008

COD 5: World At War

Ok.  It's time for a shameless plug.  I'm proud to announce my handsome husband Brian's sound directorial debut with the launch of Call of Duty: World At War.  While I missed him dearly during the eight months that he was holed up at work - recreating the sounds of war, blowing stuff up, shooting guns, recording Kiefer Sutherland + Gary Oldman, cutting watermelons, etc. -  I'm proud of him for working on what is being largely hailed as a fun-@ss game.  I, personally, have a love-hate relationship with video games.  I love them when they're fun.  I hate them when they steal Brian away for months at a time.  However, when South Park (see episode: The Ungroundable) actually spoofed the game, I gained a new respect for the craft.  I just wish I could actually play this game.  Unfortunately, World at War is way too advanced, stressful and realistic for my gaming abilities.  Give me Shen Mu 2 and some virtual noodle shops any day! But DAMN it sounds good.  Kudos to Brian and his amazing team at TreyArch. Go forth and play the new game and let us know what you think!

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