Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brian Joins the Blogosphere

So Brian has officially joined the blogosphere this week with Aural.Audacity, an audio insider's insight on game audio in general.  Borne from eighteen months of grueling hard work, sleepless nights, and blood, sweat and at times tears, his new blog is part industry obligation and part therapy.  He and his team put a lot of work into stitching together a vibrant aural tapestry, which I will probably never appreciate since I don't play war games, so the blog is a great way to get a peek inside his head without getting mine shot off by a DP28.  Check it out if you like sound, video games, techy stuff, or the sounds of war.  With that, we're off to attend Treyarch's much-deserved wrap party celebrating Quantum of Solace and Call of Duty 5: World At War being released.  Yay for Sin City!

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