Monday, December 29, 2008

Green Wedding Book Finally Hits Shelves!

About a year ago, I worked with New York Times writer Mia Navarro on an un-related story. When it came up in conversation that she was working on a book all about green weddings, I couldn't help but pitch her on Brian's and my "Camp Nuptials" wedding.  To my surprise (and glee), Mia actually got a kick out of our story and added us to her book, Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration, which hits stands in January 2009!  The book is a great source of general eco-party tips, whether you're planning a wedding or an anniversary or a regular fete.  Reliving our wedding has reminded me that I never sent out thank you notes!  So belated thanks to everyone who made the 4-mile trek with us back in 2006.  Our wedding would not have been as magical and memorable were it not for our amazing friends!  Brian and I may very well plan an Arboreal Anniversary in 2011 for our 5-year!  Maybe this time, we won't trust the mules with the beer!

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