Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in Review...

With 2009 around the corner, it seems like as good a time as any to do a 2008 retrospective.  This has been such an amazing year that I can't even imaging what 2009 might bring. 

Secret Agent Launches
After years of working for the man, I finally got the courage to start my own business.  Since March, Secret Agent has acquired a talented roster of clients that includes architects, interior designers, and even eco-entrepreneurs.

de LaB turns one
What started as a drinking circle among friends has developed into an official EVENT.  Throwing a successful fundraiser at the neutraVDL house in Silver Lake was probably a personal highlight for me.  With the success of the recent City Listeningevent in December, de LaB is hoping to become a non-profit in 2009 and to expand the fun even more!

First Foray into Public Speaking
I spoke at Loyola Marymount University at Professor Ramona Wright's PR class about the reality of pr, writing, and blogging, and shared other assorted pocket philosophies.  A room full of hungry students is the toughest crowd one could ever face, but I survived!  This public speaking gig ain't so bad!

The Obama-rama Green Carpet That Never Was
For the first time ever, I participated in a green political fundraiser volunteering to secure and organize the Obama Green Carpet That Never Was.  It was grueling and none-too-rewarding, but at least our candidate won!  

'Writing' Years of Wrong
For years I've lamented about how much I want to write, but just never acted.  This year, I finally 'writed' years of wrong.  Besides being a regular contributor for Inhabitat, I've been writing regularly for The Architect's Newspaper and I should have a new story coming out in Pasadena Magazine in 2009.  I'm no Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, but it's definitely fun finding my own voice.

Face-time with Joseph Giovannini
It was pretty amazing meeting Joseph Giovannini in person this year, touring the Daly Lofts, and actually being able to talk to him intelligently about design and architecture.   I have to admit, I was a bit star-struck.

For years I've been wanting to get one of my clients into Azure Magazine, Canada's greatest export (other than Strange Brew, of course!).  Finally this year, I was able to get tec into the October issue.  tec was also featured in the November issue of Hinge Magazine, Hong Kong's coolest design magazine, making tec officially internationaly uber-cool.

Secret Agent HQ
A few coats of white paint and a great knock-off Saarinen tulip table from Amsterdam Modern and suddenly Secret Agent HQ is intern ready!  It looks almost as cool as this!

Thanks to graphic designer extraordinaire, the new Secret Agent Network is finally LIVE.  The new site is comprehensive and undeniably swanky.

Entering the Guild-ed Age
I'm also proud to note that during this first year, I've been lucky enough to find great freelancers to help support Secret Agent's work.  Thanks to Special Agents Amy Gardner and Aunny De La Rosa.

Saturnfly Continues to Report
From activities to articles, events to edibles, Saturnfly Report continues to be a fun outlet for me.  Who knew I'd have anything interesting to talk about?  


Jagd said...

alissamarie said...

You are a bright, shining star, Saturnfly! And I am honored to be a partner in crime during your progress. (Your pad looks pretty sweet, too, can I be an intern one day a week?)

haily said...

Fo' sho Alissa Marie! We have to do a wireless day!