Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perfect Palms Prefab

As part of Inhabitat's new effort to generate more video content, I visited Marmol + Radziner's Palm House in Venice, CA last week.  Leo Marmol was there to give us a personal tour of what will soon be his new home.  This modular prefab is sophisticated and sustainable.  Most of the sustainability comes from the efficiency with which it was built, but many of the materials have sustainable traits as well.  The thing that I noticed most was how little one notices one's neighbors when inside it.  Despite the expansive glass walls and its proximity to bustling street life and neighbors, the Palms House is an intensely private and serene space.  Too bad that peace comes with such a price.  Maybe one day....Unfortunately my iPhone shots barely do it justice so for an inside peek at the house, check out the full interview with Leo in the coming weeks on Inhabitat.

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