Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack-the-Vote 2008

(The vote heard 'round the world - when California came in and the election was called)

Like most free-thinking people this Election Day, I was thrilled to be part of a defining moment in history.  We're all super heroes for throwing off the yoke of eight years of fear-mongering and incompetent leadership.  Brian and I somehow avoided the long lines and voted in no time at the local elementary school.   Kids seem to get what's happening even if adults don't.   It feels great to finally be inspired, to feel like my vote may actually have counted for something, to think that people are voting with their brains rather than their bibles for a change.  Who knows what the next few months will bring, but I'm hopeful.  And I'm glad to have shared the moment with close friends.
Superhero mural at Allessandro Elementary School/Deep Reflections by Little Kids/Brian's un-intentionally super-patriotic shirt/Pure unadulterated joy!

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