Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Talking Trash & Daily Dumps

As the final piece in Inhabitat's Green Home 101 series, I just wrote a story on trash and I now officially feel like I stink.  It is pretty phenomenal how much crap one person (ie, me or you) can create and discard throughout the course of a day.  I know Brian and I still throw out way more than we should despite our best efforts to recycle and buy bulk.  It really just takes planning and forethought and a healthy dose of environmental guilt (which according to the Washington Post is going strong).  With all this trash talk, I'm re-inspired to re-organize and de-clutter our house this weekend.  From top to bottom, I'm hereby establishing a new system.  If only we could get one of these Daily Dump clay composters from India here in LA.  I so, so, so want one...

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