Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend in the Western Highlands

I'm no stranger to mountains or pretty landscape. Having grown up in Switzerland, the Alps kind of dwarfed any mountains that I've since discovered. Living in California, the foothills are a permanent backdrop to everyday life. But there's just something different about the landscape in Bonnie Scotland. I guess time has softened the lines of the Western Highlands, so while the snow capped Bens are impressive, they seem softer, less foreboding, less jagged. Frankly, the Bens just seem older and wiser. Fresh water lochs meet salt water lochs, which in turn meet the cold expanse of the sea. There's just something wildly romantic about the landscape. If I ever get around to writing a line of bodice-ripping novels, I know where I'll be sequestering myself!

Geese landing on Loch Lomond

Sunset on Loch Lomond

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