Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cafe Flourish Makes Me Eat My Words

I typically only have a few cooking/eating rules. No salad is complete without a little bacon, chicken, or steak on top. Cupcakes need to be made with flour and lots of sugar. When in doubt, add cream. If something's missing, add butter.

While I totally get why people like vegan, vegetarian, and macrobiotic foods, I just can't say that I do. I've always felt a bit cheated when I've left the table after past adventures at vegetarian eateries. Something always feels like it's missing and I end up needing a taco fix. Today, however, I have to eat my words (instead of emergency tacos).

I tried a surprisingly satisfying tempeh reuben at Cafe Flourish and have to say that their organic plant-based cuisine - what I tried of it - was entirely delicious. I think I might actually have liked the Love, Rueben better than its meaty cousin, with its marinated tempeh paired with russian dressing, avocado, soy cheese and moist rye bread.

While I didn't try it, my friend ordered the Simple Pleasure, an avocado drizzled in truffle oil and topped with sea-slated grated carrots with a spritz of lemon on the side and a nori square to finish. Granted I'd eat pretty much anything drizzled with truffle oil - avocado, omelette, or paper towel, but this little dish sounds totally yum, right? Fresh, tasty, filling, AND healthy.

The gluten-free brownie was even more impressive; chocolatey and decadent. Just the way a mid-day dessert should be. The carrot cake cupcakes also looked really tempting with their perfect icing inviting a finger test. There was only one of each left in the display case by the time I thought to take a picture. By virtue of the fact that they go so quickly, you can guess how good they actually were.

While Chef Sarasai was loathe to part with her secret recipe for the amazing brownies, she actually gives occasional cooking lessons at Sur La Table at the Farmers Market for those dying to know more about her food.

So there. I admit it. I was wrong. Food that grows on one leg can actually be very tasty, even without the addition of cream, butter, or sugar.

I apologize for the shit-tastic photos but I ate the subject matter before I could shoot it. Oops.

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