Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spunge Design: Baby Crap I Actually Like

It's inevitable. Brian and I are going to have to acquire a whole bunch of things for the sprout that I never in a million years thought I'd have to find. With all the other things on my mind right now, it's kind of the last thing I want to think about, but Spunge Design's adorable handmade eco-baby blankies actually make me look forward to the whole baby crap acquisition process.

In Spunge Design's case, I really shouldn't say crap. Their blankies are really adorable, made from certified organic and natural fibers using environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing methods and super reasonably priced at just $27. Each 40" x 40" blanket boasts bright, vibrant, and cheerful designs by graphic designer, design school instructor, and modern mom Preeti Ayyangar. Flip it over to enjoy a bold solid color. Her take is refreshing and sunny and totally appeals to an adult's aesthetic as much as it does to a kid's imagination.
Check out Decor Demon to see a recent profile story and more gorgeous pics of Preeti and her pretty blankies.

Rest assured that these babies will be on our very short, sweet, and completely voluntary baby shower gift registry when (and if) I ever get around to making one.


Ella said...

Those blankets are adorable! Choosing only eco-friendly products has been very important to me as I've been creating my baby registry, so it's always good to find out about a new brand. You should try registering at if buying organic/green is important to you since you will be able to register for things from any store all in one place...this has made it much easier for me to make an all eco-friendly registry! Thanks for sharing these cute blankets!

spunge said...

Hi Haily! What a lovely surprise to see Spunge in your blog! Thank you so much! I actually have a working website - just launched it a few months ago.. feel free to take a look when you can. Thanks again- you made my evening!