Saturday, March 13, 2010

Montmartre Moment

It was a sign that I managed to fly into Paris without hitting any of the airline strikes. Luck was on my side. The clouds even cleared while I was strolling around Montmartre. Even though it's been years since I lived in Paris, it still feels kinda homey. And even though Montmartres is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the city, it's still my favorite hood. I always like being
slightly above the city (looking down on the plebes...). Even on a cold winter day, the place was packed with tourists. But yet, the charm is still there.

You can still always find a windy little side street with no one on it. A traveling musician camped out on the steep steps, belting out American tunes in a heavy but non-descript accent. Painters braving the cold on Place du Tertre, hawking their Montmartre caricatures. Ah, I just love the hood.

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