Saturday, March 13, 2010

La Patisserie de Reves

While it might appear that all I did while in Paris was go from sweet shop to sweet shop, that's not entirely true. (I interspersed patisseries with bistros, bakeries, and baby shops!) But on a jaunt down Rue du Bac, I came across quite possibly the most beautiful patisserie I've ever seen. Philip Conticini, the undisputed king of patisserie at the moment in Paris, is the proprietor of La Patisserie des Reves, translated "Patisserie of Dreams." (Damn straight.)

While Phil may be the mad genius behind the goodies, whoever designed the space itself should get props as well. Conticini's confections are deftly displayed as works of art, placed under glass vaults suspended from the ceiling. Others are arranged in a tantalizing array in the window. From brioches to mille feuilles to seasonal gateaux, this place rocks the senses.

If you're lucky enough to buy something delicious to take home, the distinctive pink pyramid packaging is enough to tell you that you're about to ingest something that belongs in the gastronomical Louvre. La Patisserie des Reves is the very definition of eye candy for the soul and for the palette. I do believe I left a few drool marks on the glass outside.

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