Friday, July 31, 2009

designbyte: Second Hand Slingback

I'm on the hunt for dining chairs. I have this dream that I'll be able to find eight to ten relatively matching chairs with great potential at a thrift store and save us tons of money. With my chronic lack of patience, the chances of this dream coming to fruition are slim to none, but one can hope! Upon a friend's suggestion, I checked out the Lincoln Heights St. Vincent De Paul's Thriftstore this afternoon (instead of working).

After nearly being kicked out of the thrift store for taking photos of potential candidates (who knew that the privacy rights of unwanted items were so protected?), I gave up. But the journey was not fruitless. Towards the back, I found this groovy two-piece sling back chair made from rattan and bamboo. I'm not sure if it's vintage, but it's for damn sure old. Nevertheless, after a quick bath, it looks totally at home on our otherwise unfurnished deck. We'll probably add a few bright pillows in the next few weeks.

I guess the dream is not yet dead!

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