Thursday, July 16, 2009

realbyte: Big Parade LA Marches from Downtown to Hollywood

There's no better way to get to know your city than to actually walk its streets (and stairs).  Be part of the urban trek this weekend and join Big Parade LA as volunteers, friends, and complete strangers storm the streets.  Starting from Angels Flight in downtown LA and ending at the Hollywood Sign, the Big Parade will span 40 miles and 135+ stairs over two days.

Check out the full schedule here and join up for the whole walk, just five minutes, or hang out at the meeting spots.  Sunset Blvd. is major corridor on Day One.  You can catch the walk at Alvarado, end in Silver Lake, and just bus it back to your car.  Or join in the afternoon on Day Two and end your weekend at the Hollywood Sign, with views of the Ennis House along the way.

Follow the entire two-day event on Twitter @bigparadela for up-to-the-milisecond tweets.  Chances are they may pass by your house or your office on their urban expedition, so show your support by showering them with cold drinks or words of encouragement.

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