Friday, July 24, 2009

travelbyte: Hogwild in Hoogwoud, The Controversy Inn

I just wrote a round up of the Top 5 Eco-Hostels and Hotels for Inhabitat this week. I managed to squeeze in 6, but there are of course so many more than that. One of my favorite unsung eco-spots is the Controversy Inn in the beautiful village of Hoogwoud, Holland.

Housed in two trams that used to travel the streets of Amsterdam and some town in Germany respectively, the Controversy Inn offers four 'luxury' suites, replete with hot tub, built out of recycled, reclaimed, and found objects. The sink is a tire. The hot tub used to be a car. The bed is a lifeboat. A table was once a parking sign. Each of the four suites is themed, from Mexican to Goth (or maybe it's Purple Rain-inspired).

Apparently Irma and Frank Appel have always had a thing for cars and vehicles. The trams are situated in a field on their farm, along with several other reclaimed items. Irma and Frank's bedroom is the upper floor of an old double decker bus. Their dog (Dodge) sleeps in a tire. The donkeys (Morris and Lotus) sleep in an old city bus, and the cat (one Harley Davidson) likes to sleep on top of a Lamborghini.

(This would be the sombrero hot tub in the deluxe Mexican suite...)

(...and the Purple Rain Pimp Suite.)

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