Friday, February 13, 2009

Striped Bass - So So Maryland Fish

Next on the weekly menu were a couple of whole striped bass.  Found mostly in mid-Atlantic and Northeast US waters, there really isn't a whole lot that interesting about the striped bass (or rock fish), except that has been the state fish of Maryland since 1965 and they are believed to live up to 30 or 4o years old.  Mmmm, old fish.

So, I found a simple lemon & mint recipe on Epicurious that I decided to try out.  It seemed a bit dry so I mixed the left over marinade with some fish bouillon, white wine and creme fraiche to make a pretty zesty and tasty sauce.  We weren't that hungry so we just ate the fish  with the cream sauce and a parsley garnish, but this would have been great with cold, boiled potato.  All in all, I just wasn't that fascinated by the bass.  (And I was kind of weirded out by the globby veined organ I found in one of the fish.)  Next!

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