Monday, February 2, 2009

Beautiful Brazil

Brazil was, in a word, phenome-fantas-amazing!  While we only managed to explore the Costa Verde during our two week stay, but it was enough to capture our hearts completely.  This energy-sufficient country is full of warm people, good food, great music, and natural wonders.  While we didn't spend enough time to claim we know it at all (like the violence, the crime, the poverty, the racism), it was enough time to know we are totally in love with Brasil.

From the sprawling yet majestic Sao Paulo.... the picturesque isle of Ilhabela (whose jungle would not let us go until we let go and where we spent a delightful few days in a remote fishing village)... the sultry, steamy and low-lying Paraty (which is something akin to New Orleans - flooding every time there is a full moon)... the lively and under-rated Guaruja, with its teeming sandy beaches and raucous nightlife.  We've never had a better beach experience.  There's nothing like lounging under your own umbrella, having the waiter bring you endless beer and yummies, then drinking the ice cold water out of a freshly-macheted coconut when you start to get too hot.  

Besides being the most relaxing holiday we've ever had, Brian and I managed to solve one of life's greatest mysteries: we found out where Mr. Miyagi's been hiding all these years! 

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