Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Southern Fried Lunch at Larkin's

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a yelp review! I just feel like certain neighborhood joints are worthy of chronicling, and Larkin's is one of them. Every time I go to the Trader Joe's in Eagle Rock, I drive by this quaint little cottage restaurant/cafe and I keep making a mental note to go back and try it out. This week, I finally remembered and lunched at this soul food joint with a friend.
Formerly an unsightly car dealership, Larkin's now has some undeniable curb appeal. It looks more like your aunt's house than a restaurant. A wrap-around veranda accommodates smokers and brunch-ers on warm days. The interiors are equally homey with cool little details like doors doubling as tables, wallpaper in the dining room, and tin ceiling tiles. The banana leaf-shaded outdoor patio reminds me of some of the old joints I used to frequent in college back in New Orleans.
And the Southern comfort food? It's spot on. Unfortunately, even though everyone keeps telling me I'm eating for two, I couldn't fit more than one major dish on this visit, but MAN was it major. The fried chicken is amazing. I'm for serious, yo. I'm not sure if the rub is made with cornmeal but it's perfectly crunchy with a hint of sweetness. The spicy greens could make even a vegetable hater reconsider and the refreshing cabbage and apple slaw also did not disappoint. My friend had a huge dollop of very delicious looking mashed potatoes slathered in a vegetarian gravy that is apparently deceiving in its deliciousness. We washed everything down with the best sweet tea I've had this side of the Mississippi (served in jars!).

My only regret, I should have ordered some mac and cheese to test it out. I'm definitely heading back to check that out, plus the various po boy sandwiches and the selection of barbecued meats (which all come slathered in "black gold" - Larkin's trademark bbq sauce that apparently gets you right behind the ears). I must find out exactly what that means.

If you can figure out their slightly confusing hours, I'd definitely recommend this place for a leisurely lunch or a casual dinner.

I stupidly forgot to take photos of the food...

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