Wednesday, April 15, 2009

realbyte: Anniversary at Palate

While Palate did not disappoint, it's pretty much a Glendale version of A.O.C. (plus urns full of giant plastic grapes).  Since Jonathan Gold happened to personally recommend the restaurant to a close friend, we absolutely had to stop by for our 3rd wedding anniversary.  The meal started with a plate of delectable cheeses and progressed to homemade pickled cucumbers (which were most definitely a highlight).  For the main course, we over-indulged ourselves trying four separate dishes (one of which - the steamed asparagus with egg - I am so going to deconstruct!) We lubricated our gastronomical experience with a lovely bottle of Sancerre.  Delicious? Yes.   Absolutely unforgettably mind-blowingly amazing?  Meh.  The fine wine and cheese and refined dinner portions have been done before so it's no longer surprising.  But what does set Palate apart is smart retailing.  They offer a library of cook books and a space where you can buy your favorite wine and cheese.  Now that is pure brilliance! 

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