Thursday, April 2, 2009

designbyte: SchubLaden Finds Mates for the UnMated

If I were a lonely drawer with no mates, I would head straight for Berlin's Schubladen to find my perfect match.  Located in the creative neighborhood of Kreuzeberg's Graefedistrict, Schubladen, which actually means "drawers" in german, pairs old cast-off drawers with new bodies to create superbly unique one-of-a-kind pieces in small, medium, or large sizes.  The new frames are typically made from oiled MDF or oiled wood.  Besides the "out of the drawer" designs, the design studio also takes custom orders.  Order online or take a trip to Berlin.  Shipping/airfare are not included in the prices.  And the drawers?  Well, they live happily ever after with their new mates.  What a great find from Bloesem.  

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