Sunday, June 14, 2009

travelbyte: From the Air

Why is it that American airlines are so behind the times?  I'm sitting on a Virgin America flight somewhere over Pennsylvania, flying back to Los Angeles from Boston....blogging.  How cool is that?  

The entire Virgin experience is superior: from the slick check-in kiosks on Starck-like white tables, to the hot pink (maybe they're supposed to be red) and blue lighting, the humorous animated safety film, and the on-demand munchies.  From start to finish, this airline uses sleek and modern design combined with smart technology to give each traveler an experience that feels special compared to what one gets on other airlines.  

To top it off,  Virgin was just rated the greenest airline by Greenopia.  The company uses biofuels, has a comprehensive recycling program that hopes to divert 50% of its waste by 2012, offers travelers carbon offsets that go toward green energy generation, and has transparent environmental reporting on its website.

Clearly, Richard Branson is a genius, and I'm glad to have finally popped my Virgin travel cherry!  I can't believe it took me this long.

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