Friday, August 15, 2008

First Harvest

With the price of gas soaring, food shortages in other parts of the world, and the general malaise this summer, Brian and I figured we should plant a garden and try our decidedly UN-green thumbs at producing our own food (or at least, a very small portion of it).  So after weeks of waiting with baited breath for our seeds to blossom into little seedlings, and worrying whether our little seedlings would survive the transfer, and copious watering, and then some more waiting, our first crop was ready for harvest!  We planted several different things, but the first harvest was radishes.  Strangely shaped, incredibly bitter, nasty, disgusting radishes.  And after all that waiting, we barely had enough to fill a spice jar.  They were so bad, we had to pickle them.  And even after we pickled them, they were still kind of gross.  Lesson learned?  Growing one's own food is way harder than it seems.  Farmers rule.  Radishes suck.

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