Thursday, March 19, 2009

Byte Me

This blog is going nowhere unless I get organized so if anyone actually reads this, here's the low down.  Saturnfly Report information shall heretofore be presented in bytes, because as a publicist, that's all my weak mind can handle.  Wee newsbytes of things that I like, covet, ate, bought, ran over, read, did, etc.

designbytes - self explanatory.

newsbytes - probably little stories that I've written or things that came about from that.

greenbytes - since I write about green design, I figure I must know something on the subject by now, at least enough to have some interesting thoughts from time to time.

travelbytes - because sooner or later will run away.  And then come back to write about it.

realbytes - all things food, rediscovered recession recipes, anything to do with ingestion.

oddbytes - stuff that doesn't really fit in with anything else.

These bytes don't sting.  And they definitely don't itch.  And you probably won't get them all that regularly.  

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