Friday, May 9, 2008

Y is this so cool?

During a break in the conference, we were all offered refreshingly cold bottles of vitamin water by Eastman Innovation Lab and encouraged to participate in an communal art project, sticking the bottles together with rubber joints.  The result was a tent full of strangely-shaped atomic particles and plastic "sculptures."  Now, I'm a total Yves Behar fan and the bottle does sit well in the palm, however - as a friend noted very aptly - this artistic exercise still really only created a whole lot of waste.  I don't think the bottles are made out of a sustainable material.  You can't eat them or plant them or put them back into the cycle in any way.  They're just neat to look at.  Is this really the most that design can do?  At least the Art Center grad is a leading advocate for One Laptop One Child and applying his design fame to make help the world a bit better.  He is most definitely still a rock star.  But I don't think I'm a fan of Y.  Besides that, it kind of tastes like chewed up, liquified trident gum.

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