Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tabletop Greens That Don't Die

As the holidays approach and we get ready to actually officially have company for the first time since we moved into our new house, I've been trawling the internet to find a longer-lasting alternative to cut flowers, and preferably something that will be resistant to my black thumb.

I'm a huge fan of terrariums. Nothing but a few drops of water and indirect sunlight and these mini ecosystems can really flourish. This modern Danish terrarium available on Pop Deluxe is gorgeous and would look great on the dining table or mantle, but etsy has a host of more affordable options, including these by Made by Mavis. But the last one I got, I still managed to kill everything inside.

Etsy also has other great options like these amazing preserved plant decorations by floradelsol. They're not plastic so there's still definitely some natural beauty to the elements. I love my comfort garden and have been eyeing a few other things for our next dinner party.

And if I had the time to drive out to Venice, I'd love to explore Big Red Sun's collection of sumptuous succulent offerings. They just showcased some of their work at a recent work event that Secret Agent PR helped to organize and their decorations really made the party. I'd love to get my mits on their succulent globes or one of their larger table top arrangements. One of these arrangements and you're done. For the year. They're timeless and can live as long as you take care of them.

But realistically, I should probably focus on trying to get our dining chairs delivered before Thanksgiving, so I'll probably just going with these adorable wheatgrass placeholders from Revisions Studios.

I'm just glad there are such talented and creative plant people out there so I can just click and buy!

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